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Learning to Teach (Better) with Penny Ur (OBE)

She’s back! This month, four fun-packed, informative webinars from the foremost purveyor of up to date ELT obsolescence. Lots of useful tips on how to carry on teaching in the tried and trusted PPP, grammar-based way that Penny herself remains so fully committed to. You’ll be confidently reassured, in that special winning way she has, that all the research is rubbish and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a methodology that demands the impossible of students. Carry on slogging through the coursebook!; “keep those Concept Questions coming!”; and above all, never forget: the teacher knows best!

Learn how to

  • use the latest, digitalised drill-and-kill exercises
  • create your own baffling phrasal verb tests for no particular reason
  • project pages from Murphy’s Grammar in Use on the night sky
  • time “free conversation practice” for just before the bell goes
  • write challenging dialogues about everyday…

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TEFL Interviews 14: Geoff Jordan on Teachers, Textbooks, and Power in ELT

The TEFLology Podcast

In this episode we present an interview conducted with Geoff Jordan. Geoff Jordan is an associate tutor at the University of Leicester, a well-known blogger, and the author of “Theory Construction in Second Language Acquisition”. Matthew spoke to Geoff over Skype and asked him some questions about his career, and about his opinions on teachers, textbooks, and power in the ELT industry.

You can find Geoff Jordan’s Blog here:

His book is available on Amazon here: Theory Construction in Second Language Acquisition

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Guest Post: Aleksandra Grabowska Reflects on Learning English as an L2


Inside Warsaw Wniwersity Library

I’m very pleased to introduce Aleksandra, who accepted my open invitation to NNS teachers to tell us about how they learned English.

Aliksandra lives in the north-east of Poland with her family and their dog. She studied agricultural science at university, but got drawn into the world of ELT through her determination to be a really proficent English speaker. She currently works freelance, teaching English at private language schools and doing on line courses via Skype. Aliksandra is an avid reader with a special penchant for whodunnits, she enjoys spending time in the country with her family, and I get the imnpression that she laughs a lot.

So, here’s Aliksandra’s story and her reflections on language learning; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Actually, you might enjoy it even more, particularly the bits where my favorite hobbyhorses get a gentle roasting.


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